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Student Council

By Marcukaitis, Michelle


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540caa9c2a4d9 Ms. Marcukaitis displays the final product: a waterproof and bugproof mat for homeless veterans. Books
STUCO members working on prepping the materials
STUCO members prepping the materials
Sydney and Logan practicing their crocheting skills
Ms. Marcukaitis displays the final product: a waterproof and bugproof mat for homeless veterans.

Student Council Constitution



Watch daily announcements or speak with a student council member for more details.


Scroll down for pictures of the HHS STUCO and Class Officers in action.

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Winter Service Project: Valentines for Harvest View







Dollars for Scholars Basket Donation

Staff Holiday Luncheon 2018


Homecoming Dance Decorating 2018



Prepping for Homecoming Week 2018






2018-2019 Labor Day Dime Toss





2017-2018 IASC State Convention

Selected students applied and were selected to attend as Honor Delegates at this year's state convention in Springfield, Illinois (May 3-5, 2018). 



2017-2018 StuCo Prairie 8 Spring Workshop

Members attended the spring workshop hosted by Momence High School on March 14, 2018. Marco Contreras was elected as Prairie 8 District's 2018-2019 President.






2017-2018 Blood Drive

HHS StuCo and Class Officers held their annual Blood Drive on Friday, March 9, 2018 in the high school gymnasium. 





2017-2018 February Service Project

 StuCo and Class Officers decorated Valentine's Day cookies for local senior citizens with the help of Mrs. D. Denault and her Bakery and Business students. 

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2017-2018 Dollars for Scholars Donation Basket

This year's donation basket was created by Kelsey P. ('18).

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2017 StuCo Staff Appreciation Luncheon

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Prairie 8 District Fall Convention hosted by Clifton Central


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2017 Homecoming Week Decorating

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2017-2018 StuCo EBOARD

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President: Gavin Muhlstadt

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Vice President: Tom O'Connell

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Treasurer: David Buckley

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Secretary: Kelsey Papineau

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Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Student Council Representatives and Class Officers

Class of 2018

Student Council Representatives: Luke Engelman, Logan Fritz, Gabrielle Goytia, Gavin Muhlstadt, Tyler Stuart, Kelsey Papineau

Class Officers: President, Madison Orr; Vice-President, Tom O'Connell; Treasurer, David Buckley; Secretary, Molly Cann

Class of 2019

Student Council Representatives: Gretchen Brinkman, Kassie Decman, Matthew Dorsey, Reece Harrod, Natalie Jordan, Kyler Masching

Class Officers: President, Marco Contreras; Vice-President, Jed Martin; Treasurer, Chloe Walsh; Secretary, Chloe Chavers

Class of 2020

Student Council Representatives: Mac Turner, Ana Rice, Mason Robinson, Lydia Huizenga, Bianca Berns, Elizabeth Rink

Class Officers: President, Luke Whalen; Vice-President, Olivia Ruder; Treasurer, Grace Keller; Secretary, Olivia DeLong

Class of 2021

Student Council Members: Adam Schott, Peyton Mullin, Jaret Holt, Lucy Martinson, Olivia Mendell, Kaylee Ensrud

Class Officers: President, Sean Contreras; Vice President, Jace Martin; Treasurer, June Osborn; Secretary, Ava Haase


IASC State Convention: May 4-6, 2017

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March Service Project/Spring Blood Drive: Friday, March 10, 2017

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Prairie 8 Spring Workshop Hosted by Momence High School: March 8, 2017

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February 2017 Service Project: Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating for Local Senior Citizens

Student council members and class officers decorated cookies for local senior citizens. A special thank-you to Ms. Gray and her Bakery and Business students for helping bake the cookies and making the icing that we used to decorate the cookies. Cookies were delivered to Harvest View and the independent senior living apartments off of Main Street in Herscher.

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2016-2017 STUCO Fundraiser Top Sellers

Congratulations to Natalie, Madison, Lydia, and Kelsey (not pictured) for being our top Butter Braids sellers. 

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Prairie 8 STUCO District's Fall Convention 2016 Hosted by Clifton Central: Walk the Talk...with Ted

Click the above for the P8 District Officers Introduction and Welcome to all members.


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I-8 Leadership Workshop: October 24, 2016

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Homecoming 2016

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2016 Labor Day Dime Toss

Student Council and Class Officers held their annual dime toss event at VIllage Park in Herscher. Proceeds will help fund our homecoming dance on Saturday, October 1, 2016 in the HHS gymnasium.

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The 41st Annual Herscher Corn Bowl |July 8, 2016| Downtown Herscher

Student council members and class officers volunteered to help the Lions by hosting a "Make-a-Bracelet" table. For $1 the students assisted children of all ages in making a keepsake bracelet or pin. Students also helped with face painting. All proceeds were donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This worthwhile organization was chosen as the Student Council Prairie 8 District's recipient for 2016-2017 fundraising.

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IASC State Convention | May 5-7, 2016 | Springfield, IL

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Annual End-of-the-Year Dells Trip with NHS

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Congratulations to the Student Council Class Representatives and Student Body Class Officers: 2016-2017

Class of 2017

Student Council Class Representatives: Griffin Becker, Ashlyn Denault, Spencer Harrod, Luke Hertz, Kelsey Post, and Lindsey Ruckman

President: Jacob Elling; Vice-President: Lauren Fritz; Treasurer: Mikaela Basham; Secretary: Jacqueline Turner

Class of 2018

Student Council Class Representatives: Luke Engelman, Logan Fritz, Gabrielle Goytia, Gavin Muhlstadt, Kelsey Papineau, and Tyler Stuart

President: Madison Orr; Vice-President: Tom O'Connell; Treasurer: David Buckley; Secretary: Molly Cann

Class of 2019

Student Council Class Representatives: Gretchen Brinkman, Kassie Decman, Matthew Dorsey, Reece Harrod, Natalie Jordan, and Jed Martin

President: Marco Contreras; Vice-President: Kyler Masching; Treasurer: Chloe Walsh; Secretary: Chloe Chavers

Class of 2020

Student Council Class Representatives: Mac Turner, Ana Rice, Paiton Cordes, and Lydia Huizenga

President: Olivia Ruder; Vice-President: Luke Whalen; Secretary: Megan Basham; Treasurer: Delanie Fay


Congratulations to the Prairie 8 Executive Board 2016-2017 

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L to R (Back Row): Connor Call, President; Emma Boicken, Vice-President; Gavin Muhlstadt, Treasurer; Gretchen Brinkman, Media Specialist.

L to R (Front Row): Jaycie Cummins, Secretary; Hannia Garcia, Co-Convention Secretary; Raheam Coleman, Co-Convention Secretary.

Not pictured: Josie Hull, Liaison


Prairie 8 Spring Convention 2016 Hosted by Wilmington High School

Fourteen student council members attended the spring convention at Wilmington High School on Friday, March 4. Gavin Muhlstadt was elected as the Prairie 8 2016-2017 Treasurer.

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Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating 2015-2016

Student council members met after school on February 10, 2016 to decorate cookies for our area's senior citizen community. Cookies were baked by Ms. Mohammed and the Bakery and Business class. Deliveries were made to Harvest View and to the independent living apartments in Herscher. 
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Internet Safety Presentations 2015-2016

Class officers put their leadership training from October to use during the Internet Safety training on November 20 in the HHS gym. Class officers helped facilitate a question/answer format during the presentations led by an Internet Safety Specialist from the ofice of the Illinois Attorney General.

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Fall Convention 2015-2016

This year, student council went to Clifton Central High School and worked together with other schools on leadership skills, teamwork, and fundraising ideas.

    Shown here, Griffin Becker, junior, works together with other students in the breakout session.

 Another team huddles up as a second part of the breakout session.

 Junior Jacob Elling speaks with another student from Clifton Central.

All of the students gather together for the final part of the breakout session.

Lauren Fritz, junior, with other students, attempts a team-building activity.


Homecoming 2015-2016

This year's homecoming dance will be held on September 19, 2015. This year's theme is "Sock Hop Rock," The doors open at 6:45 and coronation is at 9:30. Tickets go on sale on September 3-11 during all lunch shifts. Tickets are $5. Hope to see you there!

Congratulations to Mr. HHS Jeremy Wolles ('17) and Homecoming Queen Morgan Dorsey ('17).





Labor Day Dime Toss 2015-2016

Student Council members held their annual dime toss fundraiser. This year we were proud to unveil a donated rotating dispay. Money raised helped to fund the 2015 Homecoming dance, Sock Hop Rock.



August 3, 2015 American Red Cross Blood Drive

For the last blood drive at the summer, Herscher Student Council hosted a blood drive at the Herscher Christian Church. Over 20 people donated to the American Red Cross.

June 4-6, 2015 Wisconsin Dells Trip 

After the school year came to a close, members visited Wisconsin Dells as a "reward" to participating in all student council events. 

May 7-9, 2015 IASC State Convention in Lombard, Illinois: 13 Districts, 1 IASC


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Week of May 4-8, 2015: Teachers' Appreciation!

Student council members handed out donuts to teachers on Tuesday with a sign that read, "Donut I'd do without a teacher like you!" student council members also gave each teacher a special gift that included a $5 gift card to a location that the teacher would like, as well as a personal thank you note. Thank you to all teachers and staff who make a positivie difference in the lives of our students each and every day!


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Monday, April 20, 2015:

UPDATE: Student Council members for the class of 2019 will be announced on Friday, May 8.
Student Council members will visit Limestone Middle School. STUCO members will show a brief presentation and answer questions that 8th grade students may have about student council opportunities at the high school for the 2015-2016 school year. Information will be given to students who are interested in running for positions for next year. Completed applications (blue and yellow sheets) are due no later than Wednesday, April 29 in the LImestone Middle School Office. Ballots will be prepared from all applicants, and students at the middle school and teachers will vote for the class of 2019 STUCO members and class officers. Watch announcements for the date.

Friday, April 24, 2015: Hat Day to Benefit Abram Daily

On Friday, April 24 Student Council will sponsor a hat day. For $1 students and staff can wear a hat all day in support of Abram and his family. Student Council members will be located by the main office to collect money and issue stickers for staff and students to wear during the school day.

March 12, 2015: Student Council and the American Red Cross Team Up

Students, staff, and local citizens helped save lives by donating blood. Student council members helped by checking in donors, offering moral support to donors, and lending a hand to the the Red Cross volunteers.


March 5, 2015: Student Council Members Attended Spring Convention

Students attended a wonderful leadership opportunity at Flanagan-Cornell High School. Students spent the day in break-out sessions in which they discussed the theme, "What are you Waiting for?" The day's message was not to wait for opportunities to HAPPEN to you. The goal was to encourage students to MAKE things happen for themseleves and others. We also were fortunate to meet Eric "Hoovey" Elliot. His inspirational story reinforced the message that dreaming big despite life's obstacles is never a lost cause. A movie about his rebound from death's door to go on to play college basketball is set for release in May. We had the great fortune of purchasing an advanced copy and having Hoovey autograph it for us.



Two of our members were elected to the Prairie 8 District Board. Katie Sobodas was inducted as the 2015-2016 secretary and Brandi Geister was inducted as the 2015-2016 treasurer. Congratulations girls and thank you for taking on these important leadership roles.



February 24, 2015: Dress for Success Day to Benefit Gigi's Playhouse

On Tuesday, 2/24/15, students had the opportunity to dress for success and enter their names into a drawing for a variety of local gift cards. All proceeds benefited Gigi's Playhouse. Over 90 students participated.

Valentine's Day Cookies for Staff and Local Senior Citizens

Student council members helped decorate Valentine's Day treats for our staff and local senior citizens. Cookies were purchased from the HHS Bakery and Business class. Student council members had fun decoarting the cookies and then delivering them to staff and local senior citzens. The treats were enjoyed by all!



Christmas Caroling Service Project (December)

Senior student council members had the opportunity to sing Christmas carols in Herscher December 16-19 during the school day. The seniors who participated were exempt from their final exams and provided their own transportation to Harvest VIew, as well as to the senior living apartments on Main and Walnut Streets and other business locations in Herscher. 

Cooperative Effort with HHS Interact (December)

Student Council Members teamed up with Interact members, and together, they hosted a Pajama Day on Wednesday, December 17. Students were able to wear their school-appropriate pajamas to school for a $1 donation. All money went to the Chicagoland Ronald McDonald House.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon (December)

Student Council members provided lunch to all staff members on Monday, December 15 during all lunch shifts. The menu included Italian beef sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, a variety of sides, desserts, and sherbert punch. Students were reminded about not bringing any items that contain tree nuts.

Canned Food Drive (November)

The barrels are ready for donations. They can be found in the main hallway across from the ofice.

B & J Sewing Shop Service Project (November)


In November, Student Council members met to help assemble mats for the homeless out of recyclable, plastic grocery bags. Students helped tie the bags together. The owners of B & J Sewing shop demonstrated how to crochet the bags so that the final product will be available to donate to anyone who needs them.

Student Council Fundraiser (November)

Members sold discount cards and renewed magazines between October 29-November 12, 2014.

Homecoming Week 2014 (September)


  • Mr. HHS
  • Powder Puff Football
  • Homecoming Dance: Night Lightz
  • School Spirit Friday