The Herscher Sports Fan Scholarship


1.     A varsity letter winner in at least one sport.

2.     Maintain a 3.00 grade point average on a 5.00 grading scale.

3.     Have been an active member in clubs or activities other than athletics.

4.     Have never been suspended from school or from an athletic team.

5.     Display some type of financial need or special circumstances.


Amount: $1,000.00

Number of Winners: Four per year

Deadline: April 1

Applications: Available on the HHS Guidance Department Website





Parentís Name†††




Parents Adjusted Gross Income as shown on their last tax return: (Mark One)






Over $150,000

**The winners may be asked to submit a copy of their most recent tax return to verify income.




Varsity Sports Participated In:




Grade Point Average

Class Rank





Clubs or Activities:




Describe how your favorite coach has made a positive impact on your life.





Describe how your favorite sport has made a positive impact on your life.





What was your favorite sports moment?




Any special circumstances financially that the committee should consider. (Optional)




Describe your involvement in any type of community service work.




College to Attend:


Sport(s) to Participate in College:




Signature:†† ____________________________________________________