Dr. L.G. and Winifred T. Wisner





Herscher, Illinois



Establishment of Trust Fund

The Dr. L.G. and Winifred T. Wisner Trust Fund has been established by a bequest of approximately $120,000.00 in the will of Mrs. Winifred T. Wisner at her death March 23, 1977.  Income from this trust fund will be awarded to selected graduates of Herscher High School as provided by terms of her will.

Application for Award

Awards are open to any graduate of Herscher High School on the basis of criteria established by the will of Mrs. Wisner.  Seniors will be given application blanks by their counselor who will also receive and complete them.  Former graduates should secure forms from the School District Office and return completed applications to that office.  The address is:


Wisner Selection Board

Herscher C.U.S.D. #2  Office

PO Box 504

Herscher IL  60941-0504


Deadline for all applications is March 28.


Criteria for Selection:

Awards will be determined by a "Selection Board" as provided in Mrs. Wisner's will.  Amounts of awards may vary as determined by the Board according to circumstances.  Generally the money will be awarded as scholarship aid but other grants for related purposes may be considered for various types of study or advancements beyond high school.


The will sets forth the following criteria for selection:

·    Academic achievement as a pre-requisite but not necessarily a first priority.

·    Character

·    Citizenship

·    Leadership qualities

·    Financial need




Dr. L.G. and Winifred T. Wisner


Dr. and Mrs. Wisner were prominent members of the Herscher Community from the date in 1916 that Dr. Wisner moved his two-year-old medical practice from Reddick to Herscher.  They were married in 1915 at Reddick after meeting at Valparaiso University in her native Indiana.


The doctor originally earned a teaching certificate in his own state of West Virginia.  After a few years he enrolled in a commercial course at Valparaiso.  While there he transferred to pre-medicine and eventually completed his medical and surgical training in Chicago and Evanston.  He practiced as a general physician and surgeon in the Herscher area for forty years and many of his patients continued to consult him for years after his nominal retirement.


Dr. Wisner did not mind the term "country doctor".  He recalled visiting his patients by horse and buggy, horseback, cutter, automobile, or on foot, if necessary.  He remembered that in 1916 there was only one mile of hard road between Herscher and Kankakee.


Both Dr. and Mrs. Wisner had an active interest in community and civic affairs, church and education, as well as in farming which had been part of his early heritage and in which he remained actively involved.  These interests continued for both, through retirement, until the end of their lives.  Their belief in education was typified by the fact that on several occasions they provided a home for students who might not have otherwise been able to finish high school.


Dr. Wisner held many memberships and offices in village government, church, health and farm organizations.  In later years he represented the Herscher School District area on the Kankakee Community College Foundation.  At his death in 1973 he made bequests to colleges in which he was interested.


Mrs. Wisner served her husband as an office nurse and secretary.  She remained an active person in her own right, particularly in church affairs.  Each lived to the age of over 90.  By this bequest, Mrs. Wisner demonstrated their interest in education and their community during and beyond their lives.





Monetary Awards from this fund will generally be, but not limited to, scholarship aid to colleges, universities, or vocational institutions.  Original awards will be for a single year.  Award winners will be given priority as long as good progress is demonstrated and the student completes a renewal application.  Renewal applicants complete lines 1, 2, 3 and signature line only and submit evidence or progress (transcript and/or other).


PART A: (completed by applicant)





Date of Birth




College choice









Applicants brothers and sisters:  




School or Occupation


Parent Supported?

Yes or No


Applicant’s Work Experience (List most recent first):




Type of Work



Brief statement of applicant's plans.


List applicant's extra-curricular activities, offices held, and scholastic honors:



Other scholarships applicant has received.



Have you applied for Financial Aid?




The above information is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


Applicant's Signature



Social Security Number


PART B: (for high school counselor to complete and then forward to Selection Board.)


Applicant's Class Rank:


out of




A.C.T. Comp