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Summer Learning Resources


As we wrap up a most memorable school year, the district would like to provide you and our students with a list of learning resources for the summer.


The purpose of sharing these resources is twofold: First, we want to encourage as much retention of this year’s learning as possible. Most of you are probably familiar with the term “summer slide,” which refers to the tendency of students to lose knowledge and skills over the summer break. Of course, this summer loss is compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent school closure. 

In addition to helping students retain what they learned this year, we hope this list will also offer opportunities to extend their learning. Perhaps there is a topic or subject on this list that interests your child and thus they are a tad more motivated to dive into that topic or subject.


Of course, the best thing our students can do this summer regardless of grade level is read. In the resources we’ve provided there are a number of websites that allow students to access a variety of texts. 

How long should students read every day? One can find a variety of answers to that question online, but the answer is simple: as much as they can. At a minimum, we’d recommend 20 minutes. If 20 minutes appears too hard, start with as much as they can do in one sitting and steadily build on that throughout the summer. 


Writing is also important. Whether a student keeps a simple journal or becomes a pen pal with a family member or friend, any writing is better than no writing. For those interested, more elaborate writing ideas can be found in the article attached below.


We also encourage a lot of movement whether that’s simply playing outside, doing a daily exercise routine, or regularly going for a walk or run.


Lastly, we’ve included a list of podcasts. Podcasts are great as they can be engaging, build background knowledge, promote listening skills, and they can be enjoyed while taking a break from a screen. 

Please allow these resources to serve as an aid and not a burden. Even setting aside an hour a day (or every other day) will help our students tremendously. We hope there is plenty of fun and rest for your family this summer! 


Pete Falk

Director of Curriculum

Herscher CUSD 2




List of Summer Learning Resources


Article: How to get kids reading and writing in the summer


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