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Herscher High School Interact

The Herscher High School Interact, founded during the 1999-2000 school year, is sponsored by the Kankakee Rotary Club. Interact is a service and social club of high school students who develop school, community, and international service projects.  Interact derives its name from the words “international” and “action” reflecting the nature of an organization that exists in 115 countries.  With more than 205,000 members and more that 8,800 clubs worldwide, Interact provides a powerful force of youthful enthusiasm and energetic service.  Interactors are truly our future leaders and Rotarians

2016-2017 Officers                                                   

Co-Presidents:  Riley Baron & Blake Patterson                                                                     

Secretary:  Myah Gifford

Treasurer:  Hannah Kroesch                                                                              

Committee Chairs

International:  Kayla Runner & Molly Cann

Service:  Annalee Grosso & Gabby Goytia

Membership:  Kloe Longtin & Leann Mossman

Publicity:  Mattie Brown & Chloe Chavers

Memorial Garden:  Carlos Parra

Herscher High School Interact

Rotary Theme–Rotary Serving Humanity

Meetings & Events Schedule for the 2016-2017 School Year

All meetings are scheduled for 7:25 a.m. in room 250 unless noted otherwise.


August (Membership Month)  (Projects:  Membership Drive, Community/School Service)

Thursday, Aug. 18                   Meeting                    Officers and Committee Chairs only                  

Tuesday, Aug. 23                    Meeting

Sunday, Aug. 30                      3-4:30 pm                  Garden Work

September (School & Community Service) (Projects:  school flags, Mexican Grant)

Wednesday,  Sept. 7           Meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 7             Meeting              ACTIVITY PERIOD (1st hr.)

Friday, Sept. 9                                                 USA Red, White, Blue Day   

Wednesday, Sept. 21                                    Mexican Night at El Mexicano 

Tuesday, Sept. 27                Meeting              (membership forms are due)  

TBA                                                                 Garden  Work (Weed)


October (Service Around the World)  (Projects:  UNICEF, Operation Santa)

Tuesday, Oct. 4                     Meeting                                                                        Wednesday, Oct. 5                Meeting                       ACTIVITY PERIOD (7th hr)

Friday-Monday, Oct. 7-10                                         Rotary District 6450 RYLA

Friay, Oct. 14                                                            Paws for Polio (HHS football game


Tuesday, Oct. 18                    Meeting

Sunday, Oct. 30                      2-4 pm                      Trick or Treat for UNICEF

                                                                                 (Meet at Ms. Mullikin's house)

                                                4 pm                         Early supper at Ms. Mullikin's house

                                                                                  (bring a dessert/drink)

TBA                                                                          Garden  Work (Weed)  

November (New Generations)  (Projects:  GlobalFest, Fall Garden Work, Lights OnAfter School)

Tuesday, Nov. 1                  Meeting                          53rd Anniversary of Foundation of Interact

Wednesday, Nov. 9             Meeting                           ACTIVITY PERIOD ( 3rd)

Wednesday, Nov. 9                                                    Lights On After School

                                                                                   (Herscher Intermediate School)

Nov.11                                                            Tip Your Hat for a Veteran ($1.00)

TBA                                                                              November Garden Work (Clean-up)

Saturday, Nov. 19                Fieldtrip                           GlobalFest  (Joliet Central High School)


GlobalFest is a statewide celebration of World Languages and Cultures.  You will have the opportunity to explore international languages and cultures in Immersion Rooms and Discovery Rooms.  Enjoy the Global Market, Krazy Olympiks, the Global Connections Quiz Bowl, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  

39 HHS students attended GlobalFest 2015: Linked by Culture and Language.  We hosted Discovery Rooms: Swedish Hearts, Mancala, So You Want to Study Abroad, and Marines Overseas.  We won the Banner Competition. 




December (Rotary Theme—“ Rotary Serving Humanity ”)  (Projects:  Interact Week) 

Mon.-Fri. Dec. 5-9                                                                    INTERACT WEEK

Mon., Dec. 5           Camouflage Day

Tues., Dec. 6          Pajama Day  ($1.00)  Proceeds are for Ronald McDonald House   

Tuesday, Dec. 6          Breakfast Meeting (bring coffee cake, doughnuts, or juice)

Wed.,  Dec. 7         Caps for Cancer Day ($1.00)    Proceeds are for Kids fighting cancer

Wednesday, Dec. 7      Meeting                                   ACTIVITY PERIOD (2nd hr.)

Thurs., Dec. 8         Ugly Sweater Day                                                  


Fri., Dec. 9              Interact/HHS Pride Day    



January (Service to the Elderly) (Projects:  Bingo at Miller, Polio Eradication Campaign)

Tuesday, Jan. 10                     Meeting  

Wednesday, Jan 11                 Meeting                                    ACTIVITY PERIOD (7th hr.)

Tuesday, Jan. 24                     Meeting

Friday, Jan. 27                        6:15-8:00 pm           Bingo at Miller




February (Rotary Service around the World-- Feb. 23, Rotary’s 111th anniversary)

(Projects:  Game Night with 4th graders )

Tuesday, Feb. 7                       Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 8                  Meeting                       ACTIVITY PERIOD (1st hr.)

Wednesday, Feb. 15                                                  Game Night with 4th Graders—Herscher Intermediate School


Tuesday, Feb. 21                     Meeting

March (Community  & International Service) (Projects:  Rotary International Grant, Habitat for Humanity)

Tuesday, March 7                     Meeting

Wednesday, March 8                Meeting                       ACTIVITY PERIOD (4th hr.)

Wednesday . March 15                                                 Mexican Night at El Mexicano


Tuesday, March 21                Meeting

Friday, March 24                                                   Sleep in a Box/Tent (Habitat for Humanity


April  (Community and International Serive)  (Projects: Ice Cream Social,  Memorial Garden)

Tuesday, April 4                         Meeting

Wednesday, April 12                  Meeting                       ACTIVITY PERIOD (2nd hr.)

Tuesday, April 19                       Meeting

Sunday, April 23                        2-4 PM                          Ice Cream Social

                                                                                       Herscher United Methodist Church


TBA                                                                                Garden Work   (clean up, prepare for planting)     

May (Service Above Self )  (Projects:  Community Service)

Tuesday May 9                          Meeting

Wednesday, May 10                  Meeting                         ACTIVITY PERIOD (3rd hr.)

TBA                                                                                 Garden Work (plant, weed, mulch)

TBA                                                                                 End of Year Celebration 

These are the additions made to the Memorial Garden and Landscaping

in memory of Zayla, Austin, and Kameron


June/July/Aug. (Service Above Self )  (Projects:  Community Service)

TBA                                                                         Garden Work (weed)