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Contests and Drawings


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3/14/24 Blind Date with Books Winners!

Congratulations to Kacie B ('26), Ava M ('24), Abby W ('25), and Connor F ('26)


2/13/24-2/29/24 Blind Dates with Books!

Stop by the library to check out a "date." Return the book and the "date" review by 2/29/24 to be entered in a drawing for a gift card (Dunkin', Starbucks, Dollar General).


12/15/23 Christmas Ornament Contest (Create an ornament based on a favorite book/story)

Grand Prize Winner: Kiley M. ('27) and Mrs. Thurston (sponsoring advisory teacher)



February 2023: Blind Date with a Book raffle winners

Mylee C ('25), Zi H ('25), Ms. Marcukaitis, Kacie B ('26)



Halloween 2022: Alex J ('26) dressed as It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and was our grand-prize winner. 

2019 Oscars Trivia

Students and staff did their best to predict this year's Oscar winners.

Below from left to right 1st row: Sarah W. and Abby S.

2nd row: Mr. High and Stephanie M.




May 2018 Harry Potter Trivia

In observance of May being the month that Harry defeats the Dark Lord for the final time, we decided to do a little Harry Potter trivia. A special thank-you goes out to Nickole M. (Class of 2018) for the idea to do this.

Congratulations to Audrey, H., Gretchen B., Mrs. Styck, Nickole M., and Robbie L. and thank you to all who participated.








2017 Star Wars Trivia

In anticipation of the release of The Last Jedi, the HHS Media Center is having some trivia fun.

Day 1 Winners: Jacob S. and Milford N.

Inserted Image

Day 2 Winners: Audrey H. and Jake K.

Inserted Image

Day 3 Winners: Kara B. and Graham M.

Inserted Image    Inserted Image


Day 4 Winners: Josh W. and Mason M.

Inserted Image    Inserted Image

Day 5 Winners: Luke E. and Graham M.

Inserted Image    Inserted Image

Day 6 Winners: Nickole M. and Chloee S.

Inserted Image    Inserted Image

Day 7 Winners: Faith K and Jake K.

 Inserted Image    Inserted Image

Day 8 Winners: Gretchen B. and Mr. Peacock

 Inserted Image    Inserted Image

Day 9 Winners: Nathan J. and 

Inserted Image    Inserted Image

Day 10 Winners: Gavin M. and Mason M.

Inserted Image    Inserted Image

Grand Prize Winner: Graham M

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2017 Scary Game Night Costume Contest

Inserted Image

Group winner: Crowbar Dreams (Josh W. and Jacob C.)

Individual Winners: Josh W. as the Joker (1st), Olivia A. as Esmeralda (2nd), and Mason M. as Skeletor (3rd)

2017 Oscars Trivia

The following students and staff predicted  9 + of the winners. Great job!



Star Wars Trivia

Day 1 (12/1) Winner: A. Hatting


Inserted Image

Day 2 (12/2) Winner: C. Schuldt


Inserted Image

Day 3 (12/5) Winner: N. Buckley


Day 4 (12/6) Winner: Rodney Ponton

Inserted Image

Day 5 (12/7) Winner: Jacob Painter


Day 6 (12/8) Winners: Mrs. Jessie Rezba and Mr. Jake Senesac


Day 7 (12/9) Winners:


Day 8 (12/12) Winner:


Day 9 (12/13) Winner:


Day 10 (12/14) Winner:


Day 11 (12/15) Winner


Day 12 (12/16) WInner:


Grand Prize Winner:


HHS Reading World Series 2016

Congratulations to Team Vivant for winning the HHS Reading World Series Challenge. 

In honor of our national pastime, students and staff participated in the Reading World Series 2016. Three teams competed for bragging rights as the world series champion team.

A total of 1,469 pages were read just in the first inning challenge by all participants combined (total number of pages read in the first 2 days of the challenge.

Great job to the following students and staff for competing: 

Logan Adams, Justin Mau, Chloee Schuldt, Chloe Herscher, Nickole Meyer, Rayven Fleming, Adien Moran, Ava Nagel, Olivia Astle, LeighAnn McCaseland, Audrey Hopper, Mrs. Mullikin, Mrs. Styck, Mrs. Schmidt, and Mrs. Brinkman

Congratulations to all who participated.


Oscar 2016 Trivia

We are very excited that most of the Best Picture nominees started out as books! In honor of the 2016 Academy Awards, we are celebrating with four days of trivia! Students and staff can enter daily prizes, as well as enter a grand prize by correctly predicting the winners from ten categories. Stop in today to enter.
Winners: Emily Anderson, Ms. Boucher, Nolan Fitzpatrick, Alex Vito, Chloe Herscher, Sydney Bohac, and Shannon Nugent.

Inserted Image            Inserted Image    

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Inserted Image    Inserted Image

Author Gina Linko Visits

Author Gina Linko will visit on September 30. She will discuss her two novels, Flutter and Indigo, as well as lead a writer's workshop with our creative writing club. In anticipation of her arrival, we have been playing Gina Linko Trivia.

Day #1 Tuesday, 9/22/15

In the novel Flutter the main character is subjected to medical testing. She escapes from the hospital and runs away. Which character is she hiding from?

Answer: Emery’s Dad (Winner—Kevin Taylor)

Inserted Image


Day #2 Wednesday, 9/23/15

In the novel Indigo, to what city does Corinne and her family relocate after her sister dies as a result of Corinne’s mysterious and dangerous “gift”?

Answer: New Orleans (Winner—Madison Orr)

Inserted Image


Day #3 Thursday, 9/24/15

On Gina Linko’s webpage, she references a popular sitcom. Name this sitcom AND the catch phrase that is said on this sitcom quite frequently.

Answers: The Big Bang Theory and “Bazinga!!!” (Winner Luke EngelmanJ). 

Inserted Image

Day #4 Friday, 9/25/15

Name 1 of the 2 books that Ms. Linko is reading right now (hint, look on her blog). Logan correctly answered this question. Ms. Linko is reading The Good Girl and The Martian.

Inserted Image


Day #5 Monday 9/28/15

From which university did Ms. Linko receive her creative writing graduate degree? Tyra answered this question correctly. The answer is DePaul University.

Inserted Image


        Trivia Day #6 Tuesday, 9/29/15

At what school is Ms. Linko presenting on Wednesday, September 30, 2015? Bryan knew that the answer was HHS!

Inserted Image

Grand Prize WInner!

Congratulations to Chloe for winning an autographed book by Ms. Linko, a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card, and lunch with the author herself. Congratulations Chloe!

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May the "4th" be with You!

We has an out-of-this-world time in the HHS media center celebrating Star Wars day!

Activities included trivia, debating Star Wars hot topics, such as "Are Ewoks harmless teddy-bear-like creatures or are they brutal cut-throat mammals who can rip off the heads of their victims?

We also had displays of amazing science fiction books to check out. We played Episodes IV, V, and VI throughout the day and had photo opps for our students and staff with a very special guest: a Storm Trooper!

Inserted Image    Inserted Image    Inserted Image    Inserted Image


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Inserted Image    Inserted Image


April 13-17, 2015: National Library Week Trivia

Stop in and answer the questions in the media center. All entries earn a sweet treat!

Monday's Task: Match the image of the world-famous library to its name.

Monday's Answers: Stop in to see:)

Monday's Winner: Jacob Painter

Inserted Image    

Tuesday's Question: Name the world's oldest continually running library, where it is, and who can use it.

Tuesday's Answer: Sinai Egypt's St. Catherine's Monastery used by monks and invited scholars

Tuesday's Winner: Kale Wagner  

  Inserted Image

Wednesday's Question: What library has an entire collection bound in human skin?

Wednesday's Answer: Harvard University Library

Wednesday's Winner Austin Renshaw

Inserted Image

Thursday's Question: What is the name of the numbering system used in our library?

Thursday's Answer: The Dewey Decimal System

Thursday's Winner: Amanda Brozis.

Inserted Image


Friday's Question: Where is the world's smallest library and how many books does it have in its collection?

Friday's Answer: On the streets of New York CIty/ 40 books

Friday's Winner: Abbie Kukuck


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February 16-20, 2015: Academy Awards Trivia!


Our daily winners included, Darien Pierce, Jacob Kyrouac, Jacob Painter, Mrs. Lalone, Ms. Boucher, Ms. Frahm, Layla Studzinski.


Predict the 2015 Oscar Winners! Stop in and pick up a ballot. Vote and submint your ballot by 3:05 on Friday, 2/20/15. A student and staff winner will be announced on Monday at 8:00 a.m.

Our staff winner was Mrs. Kelly Styck.                                                Our student winner was Trent Stuart!

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October 12-18, 2014 YALSA'S Teen Read Week: Turn Dreams Into Reality@ Your Library!

Monday, November 3, 2104 ReDesign a Book Cover Winners

Congratulations to Amanda Brozis and Samantha Brinkman for entering the contest. Amanda (1st place) and Samantha (2nd place) each were awarded Barnes and Noble gift cards!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014 Winners:

Jacob Painter, Natalie Ward, and Trinity Casey won the daily trivia contest. 

Nora Turner found the YALSA emblem which was on the bulletin board outside of the main office.

Amanda Brozis and Samantha Brinkman won 1st and 2nd place respectively for their re-designing of the cover for John Green's The Fault in Our Stars.


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