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Teacher Evaluation Info

Your one stop shop for all things teacher evaluation.

Teacher Appraisal System 

Click here to access the PDF, then click this icon  on the top right side of your screen to download.

Student Growth Spreadsheet

This is the Excel spreadsheet that certified staff will use to enter your student growth data. You will submit this data to your evaluator. This spreadsheet has a "General Info" tab for quick reference to all things student growth.

Tenured Teachers:

Click here to access the spreadsheet, then select "File" --> "Download" --> "Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)"

Nontenured Teachers: 

Click here to access the spreadsheet, then select "File" --> "Download" --> "Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)"

Please note: Failure to complete the student growth portion of one's evaluation will result in an UNSATISFACTORY student growth rating for each year that the student growth process is not completed. 

Timeline for Testing:


The pre-test should be given sometime during the first quarter. The post-test should be given during the second quarter. There should be at minimum, nine-weeks between pre- and post-test.

Type 3 Assessment should be administered during the first semester. The teacher and the evaluator will communicate on when the unit will take place during the semester.




Notification by Teacher to Evaluator of Selected Type 2/Type 3 Assessments:

Type 2 - No later than the last day of the first week of school

Type 3 - No later than September 30


Include the following information about each assessment when you notify your evaluator:

  • What test/unit?

  • Subject?

  • Date of Pre?

  • Duration of instruction?

  • Date of Post?

Finally, be sure to submit growth results to your evaluator.

A brief video highlighting student growth can be accessed here. The duration of the video is also approximately five minutes.